The only thing between you and every bump on the road is a great seat. You shouldn’t have to settle for function without form. Those plain old seats are just played out. Luckily for you, we’ve got them (and you) covered. We specialize in Sears, Bostrom, and Legacy but we can do most others, also. EZ Pete offers covering seats in two ways: FULL SEAT RECOVER or SEAT PANEL CHANGE. With a FULL SEAT RECOVER we will handcraft a whole new cover for your seats in the colors that will make your truck pop. With a PANEL CHANGE, we use the seat cover as is and change the center panels to give you an accent color in the middle of the seat. Depending which way you choose and which seat you have, the pricing will vary. We can also make new seat skirts to match (not included in seat price). Helpful tip: If you’re having us work on new seats you can have them drop shipped directly to us. Then, we will ship them out once they’re completed, keeping some cash in your pocket.