Meet the EZ Pete Family

Dan Eacret – The D.A.D.

Dan grew up in Sioux City, IA. Starting his upholstery career at just 15-years old! He spent some time in the Navy. Enjoying his years as a SeaBee in Antarctica. When he returned stateside, he continued working in the auto upholstery trade. He spent years as a supplies distributor but eventually settled down & opened his own shop building custom vans in the workshop at their farm. It was perfect timing too, because baby boy Eacret followed just a few short years later. Each day, his son came with him to work. When the little fella was 5-Dad built him a Ford pedal tractor, rigged with shop brooms on front & back, so he could help keep the shop picked up while dad worked!
He taught his son the upholstery trade, so he’d always have a skill. Now Dad says that being partners & still coming to work each day with his son, is a real dream-come-true & he wouldn’t change a thing.

Tim Eacret – CEO, Chief Executive Officer


Tim was born & raised between Sioux City, IA & Colorado Springs, CO. He spent many of his childhood summers at Lake Okoboji at his grandparents lake house. They are years that he remembers with such fondness & enjoys days on the water every chance he can get.
Tim has always loved art & has a creative mind that is always turning. He began learning auto upholstery when he was 6-yrs old, behind the same button machine we still use to this day! During their years in the business, Tim & Dan have completed countless award-winning show cars & experienced great success.
In 2017, Tim got the chance to work on his first 389 interior. He had always had a great respect & love for the Trucking industry. But getting his hands on & creating something so beautiful, for a customer that was so great to work with & appreciative of his craft,.. made him so happy. Shortly thereafter, he was approached to complete the interior for The Joker. That experience ’sealed the deal’. The family that owned & built the truck were a dream! The truck turned out incredible & went on to win the Best in Show at Overdrive‘s Pride &Polish show in Dallas, TX. His dream is to customize the interior of every truck on the road. He believes that any person that spends the kind of time that a driver does in their rig, should have the option to make it the space he/she wants-not just what the factory set up. Tim manages our day to day operations in the Shop. He completes every kit by hand that goes out of our door. He is our Quality Control, our Salesman & the face of EZ Pete. Literally.

Tricia Eacret – COO, Chief Operations Officer

“The Brains”

Trish grew up in Sioux City, IA. Spending time in Colorado Springs in the summers. She found her love for ATV’ing during the visits with her dad. She also got her love of travel from him. Spending several years in the late 90’s traveling around the country working on pay phone/phone systems in truck stops. She got to experience what it felt like to wake up to a new location & new scenery everyday. And it’s in her blood. One day, she intends to make travel a lifestyle, not a memory or dream. Tim is a Mason/Shriner with Trish’s brother. When he met her, he had to ask her brothers ’permission’ to take her on a date! Luckily, he said yes & changed their life forever. In May of 2015, while at the Shrine Circus, at the beginning Of halftime, they called her to the floor. When she turned around, Tim, in his clown costume, was down on one knee with a giant diamond! They were married the following year, surrounded by only their family & closest friends. Trish is responsible for our online presence on Facebook & Instagram. She also handles all of the day to day operations in the business office.

David Lyman- Director of Integration and Custom Kits


David Lyman was born and raised in Sioux City, IA. You know how there’s a lot of layers to an onion, well here we go. He’s Trish’s amazing little brother and Tim’s right hand man. David is married to a wonderful wife, Jill, and has three great daughters. They are his pride and joy. David is Disco the clown of the Abu Bekr Shrine Clown Unit. And he can hold his own on any dartboard. He’s a licensed Master Plumber and still owns and operates a seasonal plumbing company. In the summers he’s working on making his slice of the pie and the rest of the year he’s busting his hump doing whatever needs to get done around our shop. He cuts all of the wood for all of our pieces, he cuts all of the fabric and foam, he laminates, he patterns out all the panels, he punches button hole in panels, he does final quality checks on all kits, he packages all shipments, and gets them out the door. He can do it all but he’s just not ballsy enough to start the sewing part yet. He can do it but he says that “someone else has to do something around here”. And as you can tell, he’s 100% our comic relief because he wrote all this BS. He also came up with his own job title just so he can tell people he’s the shop “D.I.C.K.”.

The video from when a clown asked his bride into “Happily Ever After”

Engagement video. Abu Bekr Shrine Circus, 2015.