Our Mission

After years of servicing the automotive industry, we had the chance to complete some work on a few Peterbilts. The challenge was new, exciting and we loved it! However, nothing tops talking to & working with the people within the Trucking industry. They are worldly, interesting & fun. They are caring, considerate & compassionate. They do not get the respect they deserve. The vision began.

The goal – give Truck Drivers/Owners the ability to really customize the interior of their Peterbilt like never before-while staying affordable & easy to install.

Our Approach

Communication is key. We’re here for whatever you need. We’ll help you solidify your vision and keep in constant contact until your dream is realized! We have Authorized installers, as well as Technical Support available to assist you through the installation process, if you should need it. You will also receive a reference card with your order, which includes your color details, making it EZ to order add-on pieces at any time later!

Our Network

With a collective 80 years experience our trimming & upholstery knowledge is vast! From different stitch & style techniques to a multitude of materials know-how, it makes the options for customization nearly endless.