386 / 389 Gallery

They say that the 389 is the “Harley of a highway”. The faithful spend a lifetime chopping them up and chroming them out. Leaving no part of these beautiful ladies untouched. Keeping no stone unturned and finding every perfect part to make them yours. Outside AND in. Are you one of those Faithful? We’re betting you are.

3 piece kits are our most popular starting point for these long nose beauties. We offer you door panels in three ways; Door inserts (to keep your pockets, Full deluxe doors (keeps your passenger window) and Eliminator doors (cover that little dirty window up). That way you can customize them just how you like them. Cab headliners, cubby covers, visor delete kits, shifter boot cover, cab corners, sleeper door, sleeper headliner, utility door, cargo door, closet doors, refrigerator door, and upper cabinet covers are also available. All pieces are offered “ala Cart’ so you can order what you’d like and add more to it later also.